About us

Beauty and Love are the two important ingredients that brew the most powerful blend of elegance.

The society has kept Beauty on a pedestal so high, that it seems so implausible and far-fetched. While beauty was supposed to be natural and confirming, it is now something that has lost its essence.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, how could we let today’s consumers make their buying decisions based on redundant notions. The Love Co.’s brand philosophy is simple and organic. We understand that our customers deserve products that are safer, more effective and better than the best. Besides that, our brand advocates transparency which is why we combine beauty with integrity to bring you natural organic skincare products.

Our brand drives on the power of love. Love is the peace found in solitude. Love is Comfort. It is the familiarity found in the smell of attar on your mother’s wrists as she slowly runs her fingers along with your hair after a tiring day, or the feel of handmade soap, infused with the goodness of ‘Kesar’ or Tea tree oil, which brings back the memories of your Grandma’s caress in your childhood. Love is feeling good in your skin. Love is miraculously enchanting!

Ingredients we use

Times are changing and so is the society’s perspective. People are now more concerned about a product’s ingredients and its richness. So we makes sure to use top quality natural ingredients for our products.

Aloe Vera is the skin elixir. It is the age-old medicine for all skin related problems. From minor cuts to sprinkled dandruff in the hair to sun-burnt skin, Aloe Vera charms its way through it all and leaves behind glowing and healthy skin. It has healing powers that help in hydration and cooling.

Our Products

Many of our products include pure Aloe Vera gel as a key ingredient. Our products also contain Tea tree oil and Kesar infused Aloe Vera gel. These products are for regular use. Our products give your hair and skin the love they deserve.

India is the land of age-old traditions and practices. They practices are as old as the Vedic Age. Our products carry forward those values. Our goal is to design such products that strengthen the roots of Indian beauty. Sandalwood, Kesar, Cherry Blossoms are the different ingredients of our handcrafted soaps. Our soaps are both gentle and loving on your skin.

In Day- to- Day Life, our facial skin undergoes a lot of harshness due to pollution, stress and other factors. Rejuvenate and pamper your facial skin with our different face masks. They are now available on our website. Our Face fight pollution and bring back the supple skin that you have always had. They have activated charcoal that has many benefits.

We, at the Love Co, also consider the issues that modern women face in their everyday life. This includes a major problem of inadequate sanitation. With rising concerns due to different bacteria and viruses, sanitizers have become the need of the hour. Products like, ‘Peee Easy’ are helping women to feel safer in Public Spaces or places with hygiene concerns.

Skin Care and rejuvenation

Our products consist premium hand-picked elements. Our list of naturally-active ingredients includes Salts, Sugars, Natural Tinctures, and Essential Oils. Salts and sugars exfoliate skin and have various soothing properties. Essential oils and natural tinctures help to nurture your skin. They embed it with the necessary nutrients.

From antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and cleansing, Salt has a variety of benefits. It helps in moisturizing the skin along with decreasing stress. Studies have shown that regular use of bath salts prevents various problems. These problems can be ache in joints or related to skin.

Nature and Science

Understanding the Science behind Organic Ingredients is very important. Tinctures are a form of concentrated herbal extracts. Barks, berries, leaves or roots from certain plants soak in a solution to form tinctures. The solution generally contains Alcohol and water in the ratio of 60: 40. This helps to extract the nutrients that dissolve in water and the ones that dissolve in alcohol.

The essential oils also play a crucial role in our bath and body range. They not only add fragrance, but also have various medication properties. Some oils like Rosemary oil helps in fighting insomnia. Also, the Tea Tree oil has anti-oxidation properties. These oils reduce the tension and fine lines on the skin. They also play a significant role in reducing hair fall. Their healing properties are one of a kind.

Our Main Aim

The main aim of Love Co is to imbibe Science with Nature. While there has been an outburst of Organic products, it is equally important to know what is right for you. Not all herbs or everything available in nature is right for your skin. Our experts have studied the growing needs of the modern skin. We want to help you to find the right skincare products for yourself.

Bringing back treasured sentiments

Our country is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. The power of our Nature has remained constant. Even after utter atrocities like foreign invasions. It is because of the most knowledgeable medical practitioners like Ayurvati and Dhanwantari. They always believed in the healing power of Mother Nature. How the nature holds the greatest strength of rejuvenation.

Ayurveda has also evolved over time. Like our great grandmothers and grandmothers used regular kitchen ingredients to create magic. As kids, we always fussed about our Grandmothers giving us ‘Champi’. We fussed about taking milk baths splattered with delicate rose petals. But now we miss those precious little moments. We miss all the warm and nurturing memories of our childhood. And we want to live them again.

Later, our great grandmothers and grandmothers used their regular kitchen ingredients to create magic with their own hands. As kids, we had all fussed when our Grandmothers gave us a head massage or the regular ‘Champi’ or when we were asked to soak ourselves in a milk bath with rose petals littered in it. But as Adults, we miss and crave for that pampering and nurturing in the hands of our loved ones.

Today, when we try to massage our heads on our own, we miss those small stories and the complaints in our ears about how we need to start learning things on our own, while mothers would keep applying oil in our hair and us, closing our eyes, enjoying the bliss of holding on to the threads of being a kid.

Our brand is here to bring back those same sentiments, packaged in the products that have been personalized for people whom we love and care for. We are here to relish in the small pleasures of life and most importantly, rediscovering the Love that we always had for ourselves!