IS TONING NECESSARY FOR THE SKIN This question very frequently pops-up our mind while going through the skincare régimes. Almost all skincare regimes have a preference to use toners. On the other hand, its purpose isn’t understood by many. What exactly toner do to your skin? Why is toning considered such an important step? How to use a toner? When should a

Is acne the biggest skin concern today? Does your acne leave behind scars that don’t fade with the passing time? If yes, then you are not alone facing this skin problem. There are more than 90 percent of people who are facing the problem of acne in their life. A research was conducted that has proved that acne affects an individual’s

Essential oils and organic products are gaining importance across every part of the world. These naturally extracted lubricants unveil superb attributes that differentiate them from other alternatives. Here we will explicate the benefits of clary sage essential oils, which is a well-recognized essential oil. As we all know that essential oils are extracted from plants and have the aroma, flavor, and

Who doesn’t want hygienic, flawless, glowing skin and graceful hair? These are the two major skincare concerns that develop anxiety and resorts the consumers to incline themselves to chemical-laden products or unwanted treatments. There are better ways to deal with skincare issues that are simple and pure. Castor oil is one of them. Castor oil is a pale yellow color liquid