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Aqua Marine Illusion Bath & Body wash and Body Moisturizer


Features :-
Moisture-rich creamy lotion that creates a moisture and oil balance in the skin.
The silky formula creates a smooth barrier for softer and hydrated skin and can be used even on oily skin.
Regular body washes can strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it feeling tight and dry. Using a gentle body wash will encourage it to hold on to moisture without over-cleansing, so your skin feels nourished and healthy.
Product Description :
Scent : Aqua Kiss
Size : 250ml
Country of Origin :India

Return: 10 Days

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The secret to beautiful skin is moisture, right? It is paramount to make sure you’re feeding your body’s largest organ with the nutrients it needs to keep it soft, smooth and supple.

Make your bath an experience to adore with Aqua Marine Illusion Body Wash & Lotion Combo Pack. The products in this combo will keep your skin deeply nurture and younger looking.

Illusion Bath & Shower Gel :- The Love Co Aqua Marine body wash leaves your skin feeling squashy and glassy. Its soap free formula gently cleanses your skin for a visibly softer, smoother, glowing skin, every time you shower. This gentle formula has 0 percent parabens and is clement and lenient on skin. The gel gently purifies your skin, and gives you a foreshore experience. It is enriched with Aloe Vera that keeps your skin soft and nourished.


Illusion Body Moisturizer :- Illusion Body Lotion provides immediate nutrient and drizzle to the skin while maintaining the balance between oil and moisture. It defends the skin from dryness and creates a dense hydration fence. Makes the skin softer with an bounty of nutrients and forms a layer which contains plant-derived oil to prevent evaporation. The power of SHEA BUTTER AND Vitamin E, called the moisture storage for the skin is very effective on dry skin.


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