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Lavender Fresh Intimate Wash- 60 ML


About This Item

  • The love co. Organic lavender fresh intimate wash is one of the best intimate wash available in the market. This intimate wash is free from preservatives and free from chemicals.
  • The organic intimate wash is extracted from the vegetables source.
  • The love co. intimate wash maintains the ph. balance of the skin.
  • The intimate wash does not disturb the skin’s acidic mantle.
  • The love co. Organic lavender intimate wash is safe and can be used by all the genders.
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The love co. introduces the refreshing and soothing lavender fresh intimate wash that provides complete protection to the menstrual parts of the body. The wash cleanses your intimate areas without disrupting the natural ph. balance of the body. It comprises the unique skin purifier that helps in maintain the acidic mantle of the skin.

The love co. organic lavender fresh intimate wash has the fragrance of the lavender, aloe Vera and tea tree .This intimate wash is Sulphate free. The love co. intimate wash has the essentials of the therapeutic plants extracts and exotic essential oils which provide the skin cooling sensation and provide irritation and itching free skin. The lavender oil is basically used to cure the problem of the bad odor. It is a cleanser that has the natural foaming properties. The intimate wash also has the antioxidant elements.

The love co. organic luxury lavender fresh intimate wash is free from the preservatives, additives, parabens, Sulphate or any chemical content. It is 100% prepared from the natural ingredients. The intimate wash provides cooling and refreshing feeling to the skin.

The intimate wash can be used by all the types of genders. It is also beneficial for types of skin without any side effects. The intimate wash provides utmost care to the sensitive parts of the skin and provides a pleasant feeling to the skin of purity, health and freshness throughout the day whether you are in office or any public place. Providing a sense of comfort ability  to your skin.


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