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Lime & Narangi Body Wash -200 ml


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*Having the right products for the kids bath *makes the time enjoyable and a quality body wash for the kids.

*The love co. Stars moisturizing bath and shower gel offers a deeper cleaning to the body.

*Tear free is one of the important features of the love co. Bath and shower gel.


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The ingredients used like body wash, oatmeal make the shower gel safe and medicated with many plant derived ingredients.
The love co. bath and shower gel is free from parabens and is 100% made from organic ingredients making it safe and effective for the texture of the skin.
The love co.in the stars moisturizing bath shower gel can be used by all the types of the genders.it is suitable for all the skin types. This body wash makes the skin soft, gentle and smooth. Protects the skin being pigmented.
The love co. Shower gels have added perfumes so that there fragrance gives a cool and relaxing bath time. The moisturizing shower gels have a lovely cream consistency. This not only cleans your skin but also provides hydration to the skin.
The love co. has created aroma therapeutic shower gels which contain special floral fragrances.


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