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Oudh Body wash- 300 ML


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The Love Co. mesmerizing bath body wash and shower gel is the best gel to cleanse your body.
The Body Wash and shower gel is full of natural ingredients like Oudh essential oil that are able to protect the skin from bacterial infections.
The shower gel has the intensity to hydrate the skin and restore the lackluster skin tissues. Oudh bath gel helps in the moisturizing of the skin. It helps in the removal of oil constituents from the bod
The Love Co. mesmerizing bath body wash and shower gel that is based on the Oudh essential oil provides complete skincare protection against ultraviolet rays. It basically shields the skin from tanning and sunburns.

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The Love Co. Oudh shower gel is infused with the medicinal properties of the Oudh essential oil. .The shower gel not only cleanses the skin but also provides deep nourishment to the skin. Making the skin long-day glowing.

If the Mesmerizing Oudh accord shower gel is used on daily basis many skin ailments can be treated like dry and dull skin, itchy skin, and most importantly the marks on the skin that are caused due to tanning or sunburns.

The Love Co. mesmerizing bath body wash and shower gel with Oudh accord helps to combat microbial infections like reducing the acne, scar marks, controlling sebum production which are caused due to pimples, control on excessive oil on the skin. Oudh oil has properties like anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties that protect the skin against all the skin triggering microbes. If the shower gel is used in a daily routine then it provides the power to the skin to fight against the blazing heat acids. Oudh oil shower gel provides a structure to the skin that helps in maintaining a healthy complexion of the skin after bathing.


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