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Peee Easy stand and pee 10 packs

Peee Easy – Stand And Pee Disposable Female Urination Device For Women 10 Funnel

Peee Easy is a portable urinary funnel that allows women the luxury of standing up while relieving themselves. It is a single-use, disposable, biodegradable device for every woman that can finally take a stand, avoid un-sanitary conditions and skin infections. It was developed by a team of innovators who were fed up with dirty and un-sanitary public toilets for their families. It is compact in form until you give it a squeeze to pop it into its shape. Made out of the biodegradable board best for you and nature. FEATURES Avoid UTI And skin infecation Helpful for women with Arthritis and pregnant women No more holding and forget squatting Gentle on Skin and water resistant. Aviod contact with dirty toilets seats. Easy to carry Anywhere