About The Love Co.

    Do The Love Co products consist of 100% natural ingredients?

    The Love Co products are primarily composed of natural and nature-derived ingredients. While we strive to create products that are 100% natural whenever possible, some may include safe synthetic elements to enhance effectiveness. Our commitment is to transparency and safety, ensuring that all our products are free from questionable ingredients. We cater to individuals of all ages and skin types, offering a wide range of organic skincare solutions and even gifting options. Our formulations are carefully crafted to blend the best of nature with safe synthetic components, backed by the latest scientific advancements.

    Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

    We are confident that all our products are suitable for sensitive skin types, and we take great care in formulating them with sensitivity in mind. Nonetheless, we advise individuals with sensitive skin to conduct a patch test on a small area of their forearm when trying a new product.

    In addition, for those with exceptionally sensitive skin, we offer our Ariaot brand, specially formulated with soothing oats to provide gentle care and comfort.

    Are your products safe for use by children?

    Certainly. We prioritize the exclusion of harmful or questionable chemicals in our products, making them safe for children aged 3 and above. For children below 3 years, we suggest exploring our latest line of Baby Plum products. Additionally, we have a dedicated range for kids called "KIDDUMS" by The Love Co, offering specially formulated products for children's needs.

    Are your products vegan / vegetarian?

    Yes, our products are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. We do not use any animal-derived ingredients in our formulations.

    The Love Co has been certified by PETA. What does this certification entail?

    A PETA certification means we are 100% vegan & cruelty-free, i.e. we don't use animal-derived ingredients & we don't test our products on animals. Guaranteed.

    Purchasing and Delivering

    Do The Love Co products consist of 100% natural ingredients?

    Orders placed before 1:00 pm will be sent out on the same day, while orders received after this time will be dispatched on the following business day. Occasionally, there may be a slight delay in shipping your order. Our goal is to have your item delivered within 3 days, although some orders may take up to 5-7 business days to arrive. Please note that the estimated delivery time can be subject to change based on factors such as your location, product availability, and the courier's delivery schedule. We advise customers not to accept any packages that appear tampered with or damaged.

    Do I need to cover shipping fees for each purchase?

    Our standard shipping fee is Rs. 149 per order for Cash On Delivery (COD) orders. However, we provide free shipping for all prepaid orders. Additionally, please be aware that shipping charges may be subject to changes, and you can stay updated on the updated policy or check the checkout pages for the latest information.

    What is the reason for applying charges to Cash On Delivery (COD) orders?

    There is an extra charge applied to all Cash On Delivery (COD) orders due to the additional costs associated with handling cash transactions.

    Can I change my order?

    After an order is confirmed, no modifications can be made to it.

    How can I modify or update my address and contact information for my order?

    Call us at +91 7404055570or email us at info@theloveco.in within 2 to 3 hours of placing your order.

    What courier service provider is employed for your deliveries?

    To ensure that your order reaches you in the fastest time possible and in good condition, we only ship through reputed courier agencies. Our current panel of couriers includes Blue Dart, Delhivery, DTDC, E-com & Xpress Bees. We pick the most reliable (and not necessarily the least expensive) shipping partner to each location.

    Returns & Replacements

    Return / Replace Policy

    We follows a transparent returns policy for full-size* products bought from our online store. If you find that a particular product doesn't suit your skin type or you aren’t satisfied with the product results, please reach out to us within 7 days of using the product(s) consistently. One of our product advisors will call you to understand the issue better and provide further instructions. In genuine cases, we would be happy to provide you with a coupon code worth the product value that can be redeemed on your next purchase.

    We will replace products only in case of the below scenarios after the same has been verified by our internal teams.

    • Wrong product received.
    • Damaged/tampered/leaked product received.
    • Items missing from the order.

    Email the images of the products delivered to you along with your order details at info@theloveco.in within 48 hours of the delivery. We will check if the complaint is legitimate and then send you a replacement for the same.

    What should I do if I have received a damaged/tampered/leaked product?

    If you happen to receive a product that is damaged, tampered with, or has leakage, kindly capture images of the issue. Send these images, along with your order information, to info@theloveco.in within 48 hours of receiving the delivery. After reviewing the images, we will proceed to send you a replacement for the affected product.

    What should I do if one or more products are absent from my order?

    If you encounter a situation where one or more products are missing from your order, kindly contact us at info@theloveco.in within 48 hours of receiving your order to report the issue. Please ensure you have a photograph of the shipping box and the enclosed invoice ready. We will investigate the matter with our warehouse and then make arrangements to dispatch the missing item to you.

    If I mistakenly added the wrong product to my order, what is the process for making a product change?

    If you've included an incorrect product in your order, we regret that we cannot offer a replacement for it. We kindly request that you review the product details in the order confirmation email you receive after placing your order.

    Refunds & Payments

    When can I expect to receive a refund for my canceled order?

    Refunds for canceled, unshipped prepaid orders will be initiated promptly and may take 3-5 business days to appear in your source account.

    My payment failed, but the amount was deducted. When can I expect to receive a refund?

    If there was an accidental debit, your bank should automatically reverse the amount to your source account within 5 to 7 business days. However, if the refund has not been credited after the specified time frame, we kindly ask you to send your bank statement from the date of the transaction to the present, along with a screenshot of the transaction, to info@theloveco.in. This will enable us to escalate the matter with our gateway partners.