Rhubarb Powder

Rheum palmatum

Benefits - Natural

The Love Co - Rhubarb Powder

What is Rhubarb Powder?

  • Natural Hair Tint: Derived from the dried, ground stalks of the rhubarb plant, known for imparting golden hues to blonde and grey hair.
  • Slightly Acidic: The natural acidity of rhubarb helps to brighten and clarify hair colour.

Benefits of Rhubarb Powder for Hair:

  • Enhances Colour: Revives blonde and grey hair, adding vibrant, golden tones and enhancing natural highlights.
  • Natural Dye: Offers a chemical-free alternative to traditional hair dyes, perfect for achieving a subtle, strawberry blonde shade.
  • Clarifying Properties: Helps to remove buildup from hair products, restoring natural shine and brightness.
  • Nourishing: Contains vitamins and minerals that can contribute to overall hair health and strength.