Ruby Cocoa Liquor

Theobroma cacao; Citric Acid

Benefits - Natural


The Love Co - Ruby Cocoa Liquor

Exotic Origins  : This chocolate comes from a special variety of cacao trees known to produce uniquely ruby-coloured beans. Picture these trees hidden away in warm, humid forests, guardians of a rare and beautiful secret.

Vivid Pods  : The trees gift us with large, striking pods, coloured in deep shades of dark red or vibrant yellow. Each pod cradles up to 50 seeds, nestled in a soft, sweet, edible flesh, like jewels tucked in a royal cushion.

Ruby Beans  : The magic begins with the seeds, also known as cocoa beans. When removed, they're covered and left to ferment, a crucial step where the beans start whispering hints of chocolate into the air.

Scent of Chocolate  : Through fermentation and drying, these beans slowly unveil their rich, deep chocolate scent, a fragrance that promises the indulgent delights to come.

Transformation into Cocoa Liquor  : The adventure continues as the beans are roasted, awakening deeper flavours and aromas. They are then ground into a thick, oily paste known as cocoa liquor, the heart and soul of all chocolates.