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Benefits - Natural

The Love Co - Seaweed

Under the sea, forests of slimy algae grow, and they’re full of benefits for the skin and hair.

What are the benefits of seaweeds in cosmetics?

  • Soothing: Seaweed offers calming effects that can help soothe irritated or sensitive skin, making it a sought-after ingredient for gentle skincare formulations.
  • Mineral-rich: Being rich in minerals, seaweed nourishes the skin, providing it with essential nutrients needed for health and vitality.
  • Radiance Boosting: The natural compounds found in seaweed help enhance skin's radiance, giving it a glowing, healthy appearance.
  • Softening: Regular use of seaweed-based products can lead to softer, more supple skin, thanks to its hydrating properties.

 Did you know?

The company's foundation in this vibrant seaside environment, where massive seagulls soar and salty waves crash onto the quay, provides a continuous source of inspiration. This connection to the sea is reflected in the use of marine elements like seaweed absolute in Love co. products