His Smile, Soul, Mind, and Heart Is with Somebody Else

Eshita Gupta |

Love, they say, is a complex emotion that can take us on the most unpredictable journeys. It's the tale of unrequited love that transcends distance, time, and age. This is a story of a young heart, filled with dreams and the bittersweet feeling of seeing the one you love in the arms of another. Welcome to the rollercoaster ride of emotions, as we explore the powerful narrative of an unspoken love that has left an indelible mark.

The First Glimpse

Our story begins in the hallowed halls of an elementary school. Among the bustling crowd of children, there was one boy who, at the time, meant nothing to our protagonist. He was just another face in the crowd, seemingly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Little did she know that this boy would soon become the star of her life's narrative.

A Slow-Burning Love

As time passed, and they progressed from elementary to middle school, our protagonist began to notice more about him. However, there was a twist to this story - she couldn't quite explain why she felt a twinge of resentment towards him and his group of friends, who were, in her eyes, "stud jerks." Yet, fate had its own plan for these two souls.

One fateful day in sixth grade, an opportunity presented itself. She had the chance to sit at the same table as him. However, it felt as though she were invisible to him. He never acknowledged her presence, let alone exchanged words or glances. At that point, her feelings for him were still in their embryonic stage, so the snub didn't sting as much as it eventually would.

The Pain of Unrequited Love

Over the years, life took unexpected turns. She had to relocate to a new place, leaving behind the boy who had already started making a home in her heart. Life became a chaotic whirlwind - a new school, family drama, and her father's illness added to the turbulence. She felt like she was constantly swimming against the tide. Her self-esteem plummeted as she gained weight, her grades dropped, and her social circle shrank. She transformed from the cheerful, outgoing girl she used to be into someone unrecognizable - withdrawn and unable to articulate her thoughts.

While she was struggling to find her place in the world, her crush continued to flourish. She watched as he conversed with other girls, laughing and sharing moments that deepened her sense of isolation.

Reconnecting with Unspoken Feelings

As time passed, her feelings for him only grew stronger. She asked herself how it was possible to fall deeper in love with someone who was physically and emotionally distant. It was a question without a clear answer, but it was a feeling she couldn't ignore.

Fast forward to her sophomore year, she stumbled upon a photo on Instagram. It was a picture of him and his girlfriend, the caption declaring them each other's soulmates and the greatest gifts in their lives. She could see the happiness and love radiating from the image. It was a moment of clarity. She realized that if he knew what she saw in him, he would never let go of the happiness he had found.

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