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Kurobe Gorge in Toyama Prefecture: A Journey into Natural Splendor

Kurobe Gorge in Toyama Prefecture: A Journey into Natural Splendor - The Love Co

Kurobe Gorge in Toyama Prefecture

The Northern Japan Alps is a place of scenic beauty in Japan, offering plenty of attractions to discover for travelers that appreciate nature. One of the most iconic spots of the Japan Alps is Kurobe Gorge.

Located in the rugged mountains of the Japan Alps, Kurobe Gorge boasts one of the deepest and most beautiful gorges in Japan. It is beautiful no matter what time of year you visit, but autumn is particularly breathtaking.

A Tapestry of Color in Every Season

Kurobe Gorge is a place where the forces of nature paint a breathtaking landscape throughout the year. As you venture into the heart of the gorge, you'll be treated to a mesmerizing canvas of colors. In spring, cherry blossoms decorate the banks of the river. Summer brings lush greenery, and winter adorns the area with a glistening coat of snow.

However, it's autumn that truly steals the show. Every autumn between late October and mid-November, Kurobe Gorge offers the best fall foliage views. As the deciduous trees clothe the mountainsides in shades of red, orange, and gold, the gorge becomes an artist's palette. The kaleidoscope of colors is so vivid that it's almost as if nature itself is celebrating the changing of the seasons.

The Kurobe Gorge Railway: A Journey Through Time

Visitors mostly come to Kurobe Gorge to enjoy a scenic train ride, known as Kurobe Gorge Railway. The track is about 20 kilometers, which stretches between Unazuki station and Keyakidaira station.

A train crossing the Shin-Yamabiko Bridge, Kurobe Gorge.

This scenic train journey takes about 80 minutes (one way). You can experience a relaxing rail ride along the way and admire the sensational seasonal beauty of the gorge.

Exploring the Gorge, One Stop at a Time

Make sure to get off at each station along the way to the final station, and explore the surroundings including the hot springs, hiking trails, and observation platforms for panoramic views of the gorge.

If you're a photography enthusiast, capturing the perfect shot of a train crossing the Shin-Yamabiko Bridge over Kurobe River is a must. To do so, you can either head over to the Yamabiko Observation Platform or the pedestrian bridge, located next to Yamabiko Bridge. Now just wait for the train to pass through the bridge!

In fact, Yamabiko Bridge is the first bridge that passengers of the Torokko electric train cross when leaving Unazuki Station towards Keyakidaira Station.

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