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body wash & shower gels

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  • Cleansing Luxe

    Elevate your routine with luxurious cleansing

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Wash

    78% Blemish Control | 91% Hydrating Balance | 84% More Aromatic Bliss

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  • Secret Affair Body Wash

    79% More Deep Hydration | 84% More Smooth Texture | 91% Elasticity

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  • Oud Fantasy Body Wash

    85% Vitamin Infusion | 80%Cell Renewal | 93% Antioxidant Protection

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  • Mykonos Greece Body Wash

    75% More Even Tone | 98% Aromatherapy Retreat | 80% Radiance Boost

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  • Shades of Love Body Wash

    94% More Scent Duration | 78% More Silky Finish | 81% Oil Control

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  • Oud Noire Body Wash

    90% Naturally Enriching | 82% More Deeper Clean | 73% Quick Rinse

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  • Black Rose and Oudh Body Wash

    91% Nourishment Level | 78% Moisture-Rich | 84% More Gentle Cleanse

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  • Coco Shea Body Wash

    71% Improved Hydration | 95% Reduced Itchiness | 85% Skin Revival

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  • Oud Affair Body Wash

    95% More Scent Longevity | 85% Silky Touch | 78% Decreased Oiliness

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    In Shower Moisturizer

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  • Eiffel In Love Body Wash

    95% Skin Transformation | 91% Hydrating Balance | 90% More Even Tone

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  • Ocean Drop Body Wash

    90% Deep Detox | 87% More Skin Firming | 73% Marine Minerals

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  • Wild Strawberry Body Wash

    88% More Skin Firming | 90% Moisture Boost | 84% More Antioxidant-Rich

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  • Pink Sugar Body Wash

    90% Radiance Boost | 75% Oil Control | 95% More Exotic Scent

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  • London Dreams Body Wash

    82% More Quick Rinse | 85% Lather Density | 90% Hydrating Balance

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  • Oud Ombre Nourishing Body Wash

    91% Pore Minimization | 78% More Skin Clarity | 85% Firmness Increase

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  • Water Lily Body Wash

    78% Antioxidant Level | 80% Oil Reduction | 75% Vitamin Absorption

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frequently asked questions

Which body wash is best for oily skin?

For oily skin, a salicylic acid body wash is great. Adding AHA/BHA for hydration and niacinamide can also help balance oil and keep skin clear.

Can body wash be used on sensitive skin?

Yes, people with sensitive skin can use lour lavender body wash.

How often should I use body wash?

You should use body wash once or twice daily when you shower or bathe. Also, using a small amount, about the size of a nickel, is enough. This helps keep your skin's natural oils and prevents it from getting dry.

Which body wash is best for babies?

Use our Kiddums Top to Toe Body Wash for babies, with oat, for gentle, daily care. A little goes a long way!

Which body wash smells the best?

Try our new Shades of Love Body Wash! It smells like lemon and spices, then roses and peonies, finishing with musk and amber.

Which body wash is best for body acne?

Try our Bacne Hero Body Wash, which has 2% salicylic acid, perfect for tackling body acne.

What body wash is good for strawberry legs?

For strawberry legs, a body wash with salicylic acid or glycolic acid works well. These ingredients help exfoliate the skin, unclog pores, and reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Which body wash is best for summer?

For summer, a body wash with refreshing and hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin C is ideal. These ingredients help cool, soothe, and protect your skin against summer heat and sun exposure.

The Love Co Body Wash The Love Co Body Wash
The Love Co Body Wash for Men and Women

Indulge in the perfect blend of luxury and nature with The Love Co's body wash collection, thoughtfully crafted for both men and women. Our premium body washes effectively cleanse your skin, eliminating impurities such as dirt, sweat, oil, and makeup, leaving you feeling fresh and invigorated daily. Infused with safe, natural ingredients, each product is designed to elevate your bathing or showering experience to new heights. Discover the ultimate in skincare with The Love Co, where every wash is a step towards healthier, more radiant skin.

Why Choose The Love Co Body Wash?

Opting for The Love Co Body Wash means prioritizing your skin's health and catering to your personal needs. Unlike traditional bar soaps that can leave your skin feeling tight and dry, our body washes feature a unique formula that maintains your skin's moisture balance while effectively eliminating germs and dirt. Specifically designed for both men and women, our body wash addresses skin sensitivity and meets diverse personal preferences, ensuring a refreshing and gentle cleansing experience every time. Choose The Love Co for a superior skincare routine that leaves your skin healthy, hydrated, and clean.

Benefits of Using The Love Co Body Wash

Moisturizes the Skin

The Love Co Body Wash prevents skin itchiness and dehydration, providing relief for dry elbows and flaky knees. Our body washes rejuvenate your skin, leaving it soft and velvety. Infused with ingredients that soothe and hydrate, our body wash ensures your skin stays clean and refreshed.

Calms Flaky and Itchy Skin

Formulated with natural ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree, mint, lemon, green apple, and strawberry, our body washes support your skin’s defense mechanisms. They effectively eliminate excess oil and sweat, calm irritated skin, and help prevent infections.

Offers an Excellent Smell

Experience a soothing, mild fragrance that revitalizes your senses. Our body washes for men and women are enriched with anti-microbial and skin-soothing ingredients that prevent body odor without harmful additives, ensuring you feel fresh and invigorated all day.

Tips for Choosing the Best Body Wash

Consider Your Skin Type

Identify whether your skin is dry, sensitive, oily, or a combination, and choose a body wash that suits your skin type to avoid dryness or irritation.

Check Ingredients

Opt for body washes with gentle, natural ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree. Steer clear of harsh chemicals, parabens, and sulfates that can cause skin issues.


Select a body wash with a fragrance that matches your preference. For sensitive skin, consider lightly scented or unscented options to minimize the risk of irritation.

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