Ammonium Hydroxide

 Benefits - Synthetic 

The Love Co - Ammonium Hydroxide

It sounds like we're describing a pH adjuster commonly used in skincare and haircare formulations. Let's explore this clear, colourless hero that ensures our products meet our skin's happy balance.

What is a pH Adjuster?

  • Balance Master: A safe synthetic ingredient used to modify the pH level of products to make them more compatible with our skin and hair.
  • Invisible Hero: Though clear and colourless, its role is crucial in maintaining the effectiveness and stability of beauty products.

Benefits of pH Adjusters in Products:

  • Skin Harmony: Helps maintain the product’s pH at a level that’s friendly to your skin, preventing irritation.
  • Product Integrity: Ensures the effectiveness and longevity of the product by keeping it at an optimal pH.
  • Enhanced Performance: By adjusting pH, it allows other ingredients in the product to work at their best.