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Benzoin has been used in incense and perfumes across the world for centuries, as its sweet, spicy and earthy aroma brings comfort and calms the mind.

Benefits - Natural


The Love Co - Benzoin

What is benzoin?

  • Natural Origin: Benzoin is a magical resin harvested from the noble Styrax benzoin tree in Sumatra, and its cousin, Styrax tonkinensis, thriving in the lush landscapes of Southeast Asia. Imagine these trees as wise old guardians of the forest, holding centuries of secrets in their bark.
  • Resin vs. Gum: While often called gums, resins like Benzoin are special; they’re rich in essential oils and don’t dissolve in water. Picture Benzoin as tiny drops of the forest's soul, more complex and aromatic than a simple gum.


What are the benefits of Benzion?

  • Soothing Embrace: This ingredient acts like a gentle caress for your skin, calming irritation and enveloping your skin in soothing comfort. It's like a soft, reassuring whisper that says, "Everything will be okay."

  • Health and Firmness: Just as a gardener nurtures their plants, this ingredient helps keep your skin healthy and firm. Think of it as a personal trainer for your skin, encouraging resilience and vitality.

  • Fragrance Fixative: In the world of scents, this ingredient is like a skilled conductor, helping different fragrance notes blend harmoniously and ensuring they linger longer on your skin. It's the magic that keeps the melody of your perfume playing all day long.

  • Radiant Shine: For your hair, it's like the final touch of gloss in a painter's masterpiece, adding a radiant shine that catches the eye and turns heads. It's the sparkle that completes your look.

    Where does Love co. source Benzion?

    How wonderful! Love co. ethical sourcing journey for benzoin brings together tradition, sustainability, and community support. Let’s highlight the benefits of this approach, just like painting a vibrant mural that celebrates the harmony between nature and humans.