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Bergamot oil smells like a 'sunshine in a bottle'; its fresh, sweet and fruity scent recalls a lollipop melting in the mouth under a hot summer sun.

Benefits - Natural


The Love Co - Bergamot

What is bergamot?

  •  Think of the Bergamot tree as the aristocrat of citrus trees, thriving on balance and gentle care. It's not a fan of too much or too little; it prefers everything just right.

  •  The soil where Bergamot wishes to lay its roots should be like a well-prepared bed: not too dry, not too moist, and definitely not chalky. It's a bit picky, like a gourmet eater with its favourite dishes.

  •  Bergamot loves a temperate climate – not too hot, not too cold, and certainly not too blustery. It's as if it enjoys spring and autumn the most, basking in gentle sunbeams and cool breezes.


What are the benefits of Bergamot ?

  • Mood Booster: Just like a beam of sunlight through the clouds, Bergamot oil, often used in aromatherapy, can lift spirits and brighten moods. It's like having a bottle of liquid sunshine.
  • Skin Savvy: For the skin, Bergamot is like a gentle whisper, helping to cleanse and balance, especially for those who might find themselves with oily skin. It's like a friend that knows just what you need.
  • Flavor Fusion: In culinary adventures, Bergamot adds a unique twist, combining the sweetness of an orange with the zing of a lime. It's a surprise party for your taste buds!
  • Perfume Poetry: In perfumery, Bergamot oil is like the opening line of a beautiful poem. It's often used as a top note in fragrances, introducing the scent with a burst of fresh, citrusy, slightly floral elegance.

Where does Love co. source Bergamot?

The essential oils of bergamot, lemon, and mandarin that Love co. uses come from a dedicated family business, steeped in tradition and expertise. Picture three generations of a family, each adding their own chapter to the story of these fragrant oils, passing down secrets and techniques like cherished family recipes.