Fresh Ginger Root Infusion

Zingiber officinale

Benefits - Natural


The Love Co - Fresh Ginger Root Infusion

Baby it’s cold outside; some warming ginger tea would be lovely.

Where do we get it?

Nearly all of our fresh fruit and vegetables are purchased from the same specialist distributor, whom We UK has been working with since 2005. Depending on the time of year, they source products from different countries to try and have availability all year round. They work hard to supply as much organic product as possible and provide the highest quality available the rest of the time.

What is an infusion?

Infusions are like herbal tea. Fresh ginger root is immersed in hot water for several minutes, releasing its properties and aroma. A popular folk remedy for colds is to infuse ginger and lemon in hot water and honey –  and if that doesn’t help, it’s a comforting and flavourful drink to enjoy anyway!