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A fragrant floral wonder! Geranium will lift your mood and treat your skin.

Benefits - Natural


The Love Co - Geranium

What is geranium?

Pelargonium graveolens, often known as rose geranium or sweet-scented geranium, is a fascinating plant with a rich tapestry of scents, nestled within the leafy embrace of the Geraniaceae family. Native to the sun-drenched landscapes of South Africa, this shrub diverges from the familiar geraniums adorning window boxes across the globe. Instead, it offers something more unique: a bouquet of strong floral scents captured within its incised, velvety leaves. As you brush against these fragrant leaves, they release a captivating aroma reminiscent of roses, enveloping you in a natural perfume that speaks of the wild, beautiful landscapes from which it hails.

    Why do we love geraniums so much?

    • The scent is sweet and rose-like, it lifts the mood and can relieve anxiety.
    • The oil is toning, antiseptic and astringent, which helps clear and mattify the skin while balancing sebum production.

    Did you know?

    Rose and geranium oils have very similar aromatic profiles and some chemical constituents in common depending on the variety. This is why they are often used together, enhancing and supporting each other's scent.