A juicy lemon will always brighten your day - and your skin! 

Benefits - Natural


The Love Co - Lemon

What is lemon?

 Lemons grow on small, slightly thorny, evergreen trees belonging to the Rutaceae family. Picture these as the guardians of zest, standing proud and green all year round. While native to Asia, lemon trees have found a second home in Italy and East India, basking under their warm skies and adding a splash of yellow to the landscapes.

    What are the benefits of lemon?

    • Lemon oil and juice are known for their deeply cleansing and brightening effects on the skin.
    • A lemon’s natural fruit acids encourage the cuticle of the hair to lie flat, reflecting more light and in turn enhancing shine in the hair.
    • Lemon oil is often used as a top note in perfumery, adding a refreshing quality to fragrances to directly delight your synapses.
    • The juice is full of vitamin C which makes your skin glow and helps the complexion.

    Where does Love co. source lemon?

    • Family Heritage: These precious oils come from a dedicated family business, steeped in tradition and craftsmanship, which has been lovingly producing citrus oils for three generations. It's like a legacy bottled in the essence of sunlight.

    • Sicilian Sunshine: The lemons and mandarins bask in the abundant sunshine of Sicily, growing lush and vibrant. They soak up the Mediterranean bliss, turning sunlight into the liquid gold that is their oil.

    • Calabrian Charm: Meanwhile, the bergamot fruits flourish in Reggio Calabria, Southern Italy – a place kissed by the sea and caressed by the sun. This region is famed for its bergamot, the jewel of the citrus family.

    • Natural Nurturing: Grown without pesticides, these fruits receive only the touch of nature and the care of human hands. They're as pure and wholesome as the earth they come from.