Black Rose Oud Gift Box - A Luxurious Journey in Every Box

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    Unwrap the essence of opulence with our Black Rose Oud Gift Box, a lavish collection that captures the intoxicating allure of dark roses and exotic oud. Indulge in a sensory journey that promises to pamper, delight, and elevate your senses to new heights.

    🌹 Key Features:

    ✨ Dark Rose Elegance: Immerse yourself in the enchanting scent of black roses, a fragrance that defines sophistication and allure.

    ✨ Oudh Luxury: Experience the smoky, exotic aroma of oudh, adding a touch of richness and depth to your senses.

    ✨ Quality Craftsmanship: Each item in this gift box is meticulously selected for its premium quality, ensuring a luxurious experience.

    ✨ Unforgettable Moments: Create cherished memories and celebrate the beauty of love and luxury with this opulent gift set.

    🌿 Why Choose Our Black Rose Oud Gift Box?

    • Thoughtfully curated to encapsulate the essence of elegance and luxury.
    • An ideal gift for special occasions, anniversaries, or to simply express your love and appreciation.
    • Designed to pamper, indulge, and captivate the senses with the allure of black roses and oud.
    • The perfect way to add sophistication and richness to your moments of celebration and love.

    Elevate your gifting experience with the Black Rose Oud Gift Box. Make it a centerpiece of your special occasions and let the enchantment of dark roses and exotic oud envelop you and your loved ones. Whether you're celebrating love, friendship, or simply the joy of giving, this gift box promises to add a touch of luxury to every moment.

    What's Inside :
    Black Rose Oud  Body Wash : 250 ML
    Black Rose Oud Lotion : 250ML
    Black Rose Oud  Hand Wash : 250ML


    Please refer to the indivisual description on the product.

    Shelf Life & Storage

    Shelf Life- 36 Months or as printed on the product label

    Storage - Store in a cool dry place, away from the sunlight.


    We prioritize ethical practices by ensuring our products are not tested on animals and are free from harsh chemicals. Our formulations are crafted with plant-derived ingredients.

      Black Rose Oud Gift Box The Love Co

      The Perfect Present

      From the crisp of the tissue paper to the last loop of the bow, it has to be just right. Whether it’s a token of appreciation or the grandest of gestures, each gift is presented in an iconic box as famous as our fragrance.

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