Butt and Back Acne-Fighting Lotion

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NET VOL: 100 ML | 3. 38 FLOZ

Barcode: 8904428002764


Glycolic Acid,
Kojic Acid,
4% Niacinamide,
Vitamin C
Hyaluronic acid.

Say goodbye to stubborn acne and hello to confidence with our Acne-Fighting Lotion specially designed for your buttocks and back. This powerful formula is your secret weapon against pesky breakouts in hard-to-reach places.

🌟 Key Benefits:

Banish Butt and Back Acne: Unleash the power of this targeted lotion to combat acne and blemishes, leaving your skin beautifully clear.

Soothing and Refreshing: Enjoy the refreshing sensation as the lotion glides effortlessly over your skin, soothing irritation and redness.

Confidence Booster: Get ready to flaunt your radiant, acne-free skin confidently at the beach or in that backless dress.

Non-Greasy Formula: Our lightweight, non-greasy formula ensures quick absorption, so you can get dressed without any fuss.

Dermatologist-Approved: Formulated with dermatologist guidance, this lotion is gentle yet effective, suitable for all skin types.

Revitalize your skin, reclaim your confidence, and embrace the clear, beautiful skin you deserve. Try our Acne-Fighting Lotion today!


Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid, 4% Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid.


Water (Aqua): Used as a base and solvent in many skincare products.
Emollients: Such as mineral oil, glycerin, or silicone derivatives, which provide hydration and help create a smooth texture.
Emulsifiers: To stabilize the mixture of oil and water components in the lotion.
Preservatives: To prevent microbial growth and maintain the product's shelf life.
Thickeners: Such as carbomers or xanthan gum, which give the lotion its desired consistency.
Humectants: Like hyaluronic acid or propylene glycol, which attract and retain moisture in the skin.
Fragrances: Used to add a pleasant scent to the product.
Colorants: To provide the product with a specific color.
pH Adjusters: To maintain the lotion's optimal pH level for skin compatibility.
Antioxidants: Such as vitamin E or plant extracts, which can protect the product from oxidation and extend its shelf life.


🚿 Apply to clean, dry skin.
🌸 Massage gently into your body.
🩹 Focus on uneven or dark areas.
☀️ Use in your daily routine, morning and night.
🧴 Allow complete absorption before dressing.
Achieve smoother, even-toned skin effortlessly! 🌟🌼

More Details

Shelf Life- 36 Months or as printed on the product label

Storage - Store in a cool dry place, away from the sunlight.

Manufactured By :

Harrods Health Private Limited

237/6, jarout road, Sultanpur Chowk, Ambala Chandigarh, National Highway, Haryana 134007

Marketed By & Contact details:

Address: Anadoris Health Private Limited
#370, Chandigarh Citi Centre,
VIP Road, Zirakpur 140603, Punjab,INDIA

Phone number:+91 7404055570


We prioritize ethical practices by ensuring our products are not tested on animals and are free from harsh chemicals. Our formulations are crafted with plant-derived ingredients.

    Acne-Fighting Lotion for Butt and Back - Clear Skin Confidence - The Love Co
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