Radiant Skin Awaits- Japanese Cherry Blossom Silk Spray In-Shower Moisturizer Mist

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    NET VOL: 250 ML | 8. 45 FL.OZ

    Barcode: 8904428003785

    Transform your daily shower into a luxurious spa experience with our Japanese Silk Spray In-Shower Moisturizer Mist. Say goodbye to dry, lackluster skin and hello to the ultimate hydration solution.

    🚿 Shower & Glow: This innovative moisturizer mist loves your skin as much as you do. Simply apply after cleansing and let the magic happen as it seals in moisture while you're still in the soothing embrace of warm water.

    ✨ Silky Smoothness: Our non-greasy formula glides effortlessly onto wet skin, leaving behind a silky-smooth touch that's nothing short of heavenly.

    🌞 Defend & Protect: Not just a moisturizer, it's your shield against UV rays, reducing the signs of sun damage and aging.

    🌸 Exfoliate & Renew: Unveil your skin's natural radiance as it gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and promoting a youthful, fresh glow.

    🧖 Pure Hydration: Bid adieu to bacterial worries - this mist keeps your skin pure and moisturized, creating a clean canvas for your skincare routine.

    Indulge in the beauty secret that countless beauty aficionados in Japan swear by. Elevate your shower ritual to a whole new level of luxury, and step out with skin that feels like silk. Experience the transformative power of The Love Co skincare today!

    Skin Type

    All Skin Types


    Cherry Blossom Elegance 🌸🌿: Immerse yourself in the elegant and delicate scent of Japanese Cherry Blossom. Each application is a sensory journey into the beauty and grace of cherry blossoms.

    Coconut Oil 🥥💦: Infused with nourishing Coconut Oil, our in-shower moisturizer spray provides deep hydration, leaving your skin exceptionally soft and deeply moisturized. It ensures your skin stays velvety-smooth and pampered.

    Vitamin E 🌟💧: Enriched with Vitamin E, our moisturizer spray promotes youthful and radiant skin by protecting it from free radicals and oxidative stress. It helps maintain skin health and overall vitality.


    Japanease Cherry Blossom Oil, Bergamot Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Geranium Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Milk) Contains Essential Oils

    No Artificial Fragrances | Chemicals | No Parabens | No Sulfates | No Mineral Oils


    🚿 Shower Setup: Begin your regular shower routine.

    💧 Apply Moisturizer: While skin is wet, spray generously onto different areas of your body.

    🌸 Massage In: Spread evenly and massage into your skin.

    🚿 Rinse Briefly: Give it a quick rinse with warm water.

    🧽 Pat Dry: Gently pat yourself dry with a towel.

    Enjoy soft, hydrated skin with a delicate cherry blossom scent. 🌸🚿

    Shelf Life & Storage

    Shelf Life- 36 Months or as printed on the product label

    Storage - Store in a cool dry place, away from the sunlight.


    We prioritize ethical practices by ensuring our products are not tested on animals and are free from harsh chemicals. Our formulations are crafted with plant-derived ingredients.

      Japanese Cherry Blossom In Shower Moisturizer The Love Co
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